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GMB NHS Pay 15 – Learn to Win.

The GMB NHS Activists Learn to Win event on 30th March 2021 was a great success. Activists from all GMB regions and devolved countries attended the meeting to hear about how this campaign is going to be won in the workplace, YOUR Workplace!

Information was given on the Pay Review Body Process and Industrial Action, as well as campaigning messages as to why this time we can win. Lots of new resources from the event have now been published and should assist you in the campaign conversations you are having with your colleagues at work. They can all be accessed via the GMB NHS Pay Campaign Hub visit here

A follow up event has now been arranged and we don’t just want you to attend, we want you to bring your work colleagues too – GMB members and non-union members. It is essential that we come together as one collective voice, with a shared plan of action, if we are going to win NHS workers the Pay Justice you deserve.

GMB NHS Pay 15 – Learn to Win, Part 2 Tue 25th May, 6pm
You can register to attend here

So, register today – and now share the link with your colleagues and ask them to register too. Send it via text, what’s app, facebook, twitter, post it note!

Scotland NHS

As a result of pay negotiations between trade unions and the Scottish Government, an offer on pay for NHS workers in Scotland has now been made. The offer if accepted will be backdated to the 1st December 2020 and includes the 1% already paid to workers. The offer is:
Bands 1-3 £1,009
Bands 4-7 4%
Bands 8a-8c 2%
Bands 8d+ £800

The GMB Scotland pay ballot opened on 12th April and closes on 5th May.

GMB Scotland’s NHS/Ambulance Committee are recommending REJECTION. This is due to the offer falling way short of giving our members pay justice and the restorative increase of 15% which we have been calling for.

All unions in Scotland are balloting their members in line with their own organisational processes and no union will declare their results until all the unions ballots have closed. A meeting has been scheduled for 12th May 2021 for Scottish Unions to meet and discuss the outcomes of their ballots.

Whilst we await the result, if you use social media, please visit the pages on Facebook and Twitter and offer your support to our colleagues in Scotland. What happens in Scotland will have an impact on what happens in England, Wales and Northern Ireland also

Share Your Story

There are several weeks between now and when the Government makes their offer on pay (possibly July) and it’s crucial that not a second is wasted. Every conversation matters and it’s in your workplaces where those conversations need to be happening. The GMB NHS Pay Campaign Hub should have all the resources you need, including a list of 15 things you can do to fight for 15%.
One thing that you can do, and you can encourage your colleagues to do, is share your stories. We need to hear from you – about why you deserve pay justice and why it’s crucial that pay justice is awarded this year.
We need to let everyone know your stories. Do this online via the Hub visit here


Not a GMB member?
Join today and get involved.  Join the union for NHS staff today – GMB visit here

A GMB member already?
Get involved!
• Contact your local GMB Representative and ask for details on what you can do to
spread the message of the GMB Pay Justice Campaign. Don’t know who your GMB
Representative is? Email your details to:
• Visit our website campaign page for more information and links to actions you can
take We’ve Campaingning for Pay Justice in Our NHS – GMB
• Download a poster to display in your house or car window
• Download campaign resources and share them with your colleagues
• Share a campaign graphic on your social media pages
• Sign the petition for pay justice
• Contact your MP and ask them to support the call for NHS Pay Justice
• Order campaign merchandise and display it proudly
• Share your story with us, so that we can share it for you
• Speak to your colleagues about the campaign, ask them to join GMB and get
involved themselves
• Keep up to date with campaign messages by following us on Facebook – GMB Union
NHS Workers and on Twitter @GMBNHS
• Sign up with your colleagues to attend the GMB NHS Pay 15 – Learn to Win, Part 2 visit here

Don’t a have a GMB Representative?

Become one!

Register your interest via the website campaign page We’re campaigning for pay justice in
our NHS – GMB visit here
Unsure about what the role of a GMB NHS Representative involves? Register your interest
in our NHS Representative Taster Sessions – email your contact details to

A GMB Representative already?

• Register for the GMB NHS Pay 15 – Learn to Win, Part 2 Event …
• Speak to non-members and ask them to join using the Reps Resources on the Hub
• Share campaign materials on member Whats App groups and social media pages
and display them in your workplace
• Speak to your GMB Regional Organiser for support in raising awareness of the
campaign in your workplace

Are your contact details correct?
It is essential that your membership details are up to date so that we can ensure you are kept up to date with developments in the pay campaign and receive a ballot paper when they are issued.
Make sure that you are opted into receiving communications from GMB.
You can update your details by contacting your local GMB Representative or online using the GMB website visit here

Posted: 13th April 2021

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