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Staff Network Information

Information on the Staff Networks

This page shows the individual Network Chairs & Vice Chairs along with their meeting dates & their Priorites for the Year Ahead.

For further information please contact the relevant Chair.

Priorities for the Year Ahead


Lyndsay Duggan (Chair), Tina Byers (Vice Chair), Pauline Hogarth (Vice Chair) and Sophie Hallam (EDI Support Lead)

Key Priorities for the year include:

  • Health and Carers Passport
  • Dyslexia Working Group
  • Able@NEAS Supporting Cancer
  • Able@NEAS Supporting COVID

 A Message from Lyndsay 

​​​​​​​Able@NEAS is here for all staff who require a bit of extra support at work due to a health condition, it also helps anyone who looks after someone with a health condition. We are here to support you when and how you need it.  Chat, cup of tea or a dive into a policy or process that could change your world, let us know!

There are four priorities that have been highlighted for the year ahead, these priorities have been chosen by the group based on feedback. In particular, the Health and Carers Passport can be used by all staff with a heath condition that requires additional support and adjustments can be made to suit you and your needs.

All of the staff networks are really important.  For the Able group we are believers that a change and a review of a process can help and support anyone with a healthcare need to be themselves and flourish in their role when struggles are removed – One size does not fit all


Emma Burrow (Chair), Emily Grant (Vice Chair), Marianne Walton (Vice Chair) and Yeshentha Naidoo (EDI Support Lead)

Key Priorities for the year include:

  • Working towards the Positive Allies charter mark to show we are a HIV friendly workplace
  • Amplifying the voices of our LGBT+ staff
  • Reviewing the network – are we providing the staff network you need and how has Covid-19 impacted the network

A Message from Emma (she/her pronouns)

Being part of the Proud@NEAS is one of the most rewarding things in my life. I have a real sense of belonging and feel like I am involved in making real change for the LGBT+ people within NEAS and externally. We have set out our priorities for the year ahead to ensure that we are providing the LGBT+ staff network that people want and need and to tackle real issues that LGBT+ people continue to face. We have the incredible opportunity of having a voice to say what change is needed for LGBT+ equality and diversity which is heard by the people who can make that change a reality. ​​​​​​​

Emma Burrow (Proud@NEAS Chair)

We welcome everyone to the group, whether they identify as LGBT+ or are a much valued ally. We have numerous events and activities that you can take part in such as, awareness days, Rainbow Rounders, Pride (of course!) and much more. Get involved as little or as much as you wish. If you are struggling or know someone who is struggling with LGBT+ issues, please come and talk to us, either as a group of individually and confidentially

A Message from Yeshentha (she/her pronouns)

a close up of a woman in glasses looking at the camera

​​​​​​​Proud@NEAS is the lesbian gay, bisexual, transgender, non-binary questioning and allies (LGBT) employee group. It helps to provide a voice to LGBT+ employees and allies throughout the organisation.

Everyone’s experience within the LGBT+ community is different but equity is something we all want and deserve. Proud@NEAS is not just about the lighter events, it’s about coming together to make a difference in the organisation and it’s about supporting one another. The more voices that are heard, the bigger the impact that we can have.

One of the key priorities of the group this year is to shape a network that everyone is happy with. Through different means of engagement we want to help build a network that can meet our members needs whether it’s more educational material, better support for members, bulletins on changes in the LGBT+ world or more social events, we want to understand how we can create a network that is inclusive to all.

Staff networks are so important because they not only provide employees from under-represented groups with support but they also have the potential to help shape an organisations culture. More than that though, it’s about providing a sense of community within the organisation that can help you to achieve your own goals as an individual and for the betterment of your community.


Shumel Rahman (Chair), Oliver Evans (Vice Chair), Maruf Miah (Vice Chair) and Loveness Scott (EDI Support Lead)

Key Priorities for the year include:

  • Zero Tolerance to racism
  • Talent management
  • Face to face training​​​​​​​

A Message from Shumel

​​​​​​​Together is about supporting and improving the lives of colleagues, patients and the experience of the community from an ethnic background. Bringing together people from ethnic backgrounds, religious groups and allies who have a passion to improve the trust and the service we provide. Helping to improve the understanding of race, issues around race, and help education people on the experience of racism and discrimination. We aim to strive for equality and equity for all colleagues and patients.  ​​​​​​​

Shumel Rahman (Together@NEAS Chair)


In terms of our key priorities, zero tolerance on racism is a longer term goal of the network and the trust. This is not something that will happen overnight but we hope with a continued effort we can all help to stamp out racism in the workplace. For our second priority, ethnic staff groups are underrepresented in the trust, we want to encourage the recruitment from ethnic groups, attracting the best talent. We want to support the development of ethnic staff in the trust, nurturing talent and supporting people to achieve their personal goals. And, finally, we feel face to face training on racism would be hugely beneficial to colleagues and trust alike, creating a knowledgeable and inclusive workforce, we are keen to work with colleagues and partners to develop a programme of education.

The Together network is open to everyone and we would really welcome you getting involved. It is a supportive and safe place for colleagues to discuss issues around race. We are a fun and friendly group looking at a serious topic, so please get in touch if you are interested in the work we do.

A Message from Loveness

​​​​​​​Together@NEAS is our Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) and faith employee group. This group helps to provide a voice to BAME employees, employees of faith and allies throughout the organisation.

Together@NEAS is here for all staff who require it. We celebrate diversity, culture, religion and values and help educate our colleagues on these important characteristics.

Loveness Scott (Together@NEAS EDI Support Lead)


With the support of the board, we have put the commitment to Zero tolerance to racism at the top of our key priorities. We believe in educating everyone on the importance of treating everyone with respect and understanding and embracing our different cultures, faith and values.

Staff networks are important in recognising diversity and bringing everyone together within the organisation. Staff networks can help avoid isolation and create a sense of pride and belonging for our colleagues and helps us become part of a work family.