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From Michael Hunt, GMB Regional Full time Officer.


‘As I am sure you are all aware, some time ago on behalf of our NHS members, GMB nationally submitted a pay claim to the NHS pay review body. We asked for a 15 % pay increase or an extra £2 per hour.

We are shortly expecting a response and at this point we want to be able to ballot our members on the offer received.

To be eligible to vote in the ballot the members role must be covered by the NHS Agenda for Change terms and conditions.

We are initially hoping to run our ballot electronically by sending members their ballot papers to an email address and or as a text message (they will only be able to vote the once), we want to do it this way not only due to the speed and ease of response, but also because of the complexities of holding a mass postal ballot during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Please note we can only send ballot papers to a personal email address, not a work related or linked one.

Therefore, if you have not already done so, we would ask you please to confirm and if necessary update your membership details.

We need a personal email address and a mobile telephone number to send the ballot paper. We also require you to please tell us your full name and address, job title, who your employer is and workplace.

For example, you could be working within NEASUS as a Technician, within NEAS as an OD Coordinator at Bernicia House, or a CCA out of Peterlee station.

It is really easy to confirm or change your details, please either:

  1. log onto the national website and log in using your membership number.
  2. email them to
  3. or call the Regional Office on 0191 2333930.

Please remember the more accurate our membership data is the more successful and unquestionably our ballot result will be.

Thank you.



Posted: 25th February 2021

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